virtual realityOsmose by Char Davies
Osmose by Char Davies (1995)

Twine electronic literature analyses:

Electronic Literature Analysis: Depression Quest by Lydia Osmer

Margaret Rhee, "The Kimchi Poetry Machine" by Margaret Champagne

Motions Analysis by Trevor Arseneau

An Electronic Literature Analysis of Endemic Battle Collage by Geof Huth by Jillian Jacques

electronic literature projects:

Sabine's Memorabilia by Corilie Green

Time Traveling in Class by Tracy Fister

The Self a Wunderkammer by Lydia Osmer

Welcome Home by Kendall Arkay-Leliever

Gorge of Anathema by Trevor Arseneau

Emily's Journey by Sofia Borea

The World of Electronic Literature by Sabrina Brown

Where do I Belong? by Margaret Champagne

Summer on Cape Cod by Ryan Donahue

Thoughts by Cassie Haskell

So He Said by Jillian Jacques

Journey to Stormlash by Lilian Pudlo

Lost in New England by Mason Sweet