Snapshot Essays

Because of It by Cameron

Competition: A Battle for Identity by Lily

What Makes a Woman by Bridget

Seasonal by Liv

Home by Michael

An Exclusive Interview with Joey Kenny, Kenny Brothers Band by Joey

A Letter from a Mother to a Daughter by Whitney

Map Essays

Knightlab StoryMaps:

Breaking Chains by Christian

Away to Me Wildflower... by Birdie

Thanks for Everything by Cameron

Google MyMaps:

Adventures in the Northeast by Maya

Backyard Adventure by Lily

The Ones I have Met by Quinn S

The Summer Traverse by Abigail

Travels to 90,000' by Andrew

My Story by Oneida

Our Places by Maddie

A Map Composed of Music by Genevieve

My Other Home by Emma

Firenze by Gabby

Kayak Trip by Brian C.

Hypertext Essays


Basements by Birdie


Station to Station (Grief, Guilt, and David Bowie) by Erin Mahoney

Welcome Home by Bailey

The Tree by Brenna


Think Tank by Cameron

First Impressions by Anya

Sonder by Samantha Stewart

A Slice of Life by Max Schoenfeld

Why my Spirit Animal is a Beaver by Quinn S

My Connections: Science & Medicine by Emily Roth

Connections by Kendall Spreen

Sally by Josh


Deep Waters by Derin

Brussels, Belgium by Jerry