spine poetry




“Never forget that. Always remember the fun.” -Robert Coover

Introductions all around

Tuesday, January 21st
Introduction to the class & each other
Show your neighbor your neighborhood…
Read: syllabus & course website, post an intro/image to the course blog

Thursday, January 23rd
Situating electronic literature
Class planning: blog & discussion assignments
Read: Electronic Literature Chapter 1 & “electronic literature: what is it?” by N. Katherine Hayles

Electronic literature form & genres: how did we get here?

Tuesday, January 28th  
“bring it to the table”: What is e-lit? Why should we read it? Write it?
Multimodal affordances & Medium is the message
Read: “The Medium is the Message” by Marshall McLuhan (& Multiliteracies, The New London Group)

("As We May Think" by Vannevar Bush & "The End of Books" by Robert Coover)

Thursday, January 30th
Play: Interactive Art (UNH Museum field trip!)
Read: EL Chp. 2 & Cent Mille milliards de poems (Hundred thousand billion poems) by Raymond Queneau (& ELD entry & assemble your own poem)

Tuesday, February 4th
“bring it to the table”: combinatory poetics
Exquisite corpse about you (but really about all of us)
Read:  Storyland by Nanette Wylde & Taroko Gorge by Nick Montfort (ppg256?)

Thursday, February 6th
Play: Dada & Oulipo
Read: EL Chp. 3 & “The Garden of Forking Paths” by Jorge Luis Borges

Down the rabbit hole… hypertext & games & how things work

Tuesday, February 11th
“bring it to the table”: POMO to e-lit
Read A Patchwork Girl (in-class)
Read: “Strachey’s nineteen-fifties love machine” by Siobhan Roberts & “An Account of Randomness in Literary Computing” by Mark Sample

Thursday, February 13th
Play: Love letters <3
Read: Entre Ville by JR Carpenter & Red Riding Hood by Donna Leishman

(These Waves of Girls by Caitlin Fisher & “A Cyborg Manifesto”?)

Tuesday, February 18th
“bring it to the table”: hypertext
Lexia to Perplexia & preservation of “old media” (ELMCIP & Traversals)
Introduce midterm analysis essay/presentation/ ELD entries

Thursday, February 20th
PLAY: hypertext                      
Optional proposal conferences
Read: EL Chp. 4 & Zork & “The Enduring Legacy of Zork”

Tuesday, February 25th
“bring it to the table”: Games or literature?
Play/Read The Bafflement Fires, DWTD, The Stanley Parable in class
Proposals due
Read: “Good literature can come in digital forms – just look to the world of video games” by James O’Sullivan

(Download Twine2 & look at Twine 2 guide)

Thursday, February 27th
Play: Twine  
Read: EL Chp. 5 & i love you)last night by e.e. cummings, & dear e.e. by Lori Janis and Ingrid Ankerson

Tuesday, March 3rd
“bring it to the table”: the medium is the metaphor
Cruising & ii in the white darkness
Draft conferences this week
Read: “The Dreamlife of Letters” & “Star Wars One Letter at a Time” by Brian Kim Stefans (& animation tutorial)

Thursday, March 5th
Play: Movement
Workshop/revisions on analysis/presentations

Respond: Lit. analysis (but different)

Tuesday, March 10th
E-lit analysis essays & presentations due!

Thursday, March 12th 
Presentations continued
Workshop/ revisions on ELD entries
Read: EL chp. 6 & Poems about Trees by K. Silem Mohammad & “Flight Paths” by Kate Pullinger & Chris Joseph

March 16-20—SPRING BREAK!!!

Here’s where things start to get weird… collaborative & immersive spaces

Tuesday, March 24th  
“bring it to the table”: collaboration & networks
Final ELD entries due/submitted!
Read: The Unknown by Scott Rettberg & co. & Occupy MLA

(& We Feel Fine info. & gallery)

Thursday, March 26th
Play: Collaboration
Read: EL chp. 7 & P.o.E.M.M. by Jason Lewis and Bruno Nadeau (download Speak) & Strange Rain & Text Rain by Camille Utterback

Tuesday, March 31st  
“bring it to the table”: mobile & touch & immersive spaces
Read Pearl in class or outside of class (clearly outside of class :))
(& behind the scenes of Pearl)
Introduce final projects

Thursday, April 2nd
Play: Virtual
Read: “VR is the ultimate empathy machine” by Chris Milk & Queerskins: A Love Story by Illya Szilak and Cyril Tsiboulski (& Stanford VHIL)

Tuesday, April 7th   
“bring it to the table”: VR & empathy
Let it Brain's This is Not Private & Stanford VHIL 1000 Cut Journey & Becoming Homeless (& news story on 1000 Cut Journey)
Complications of embodied narratives
Proposals due

Thursday, April 9th
Multimodal affordances
Play: technology review
Project planning

Compose & create: “Never forget that. Always remember the fun.” -Robert Coover

Tuesday, April 14th   
“bring it to the table”: Your project/technology 

Thursday, April 16th
Play: learning your medium

Tuesday, April 21st

Thursday, April 23rd

Tuesday, April 28th   
E-lit project drafts due!
last week!
Project presentations!

Thursday, April 30th  
Project presentations continued!

Final project revisions/analysis due Thursday, May 7th!