“So far away... so far away,” the Starman croons the the last lines of Little Wonder at Glastonbury in 2000 on a screen across the wide alley from the memorial. Today the mural of David Bowie is adorned with bouquets and candles. Today, January 8, would have been his 75th birthday. Before inspecting the memorial, I walk over to the couple screening the concert. Across card tables and milk crates they have spread out a collection of second hand CDs and DVDs, T-shirts, pins, and posters.

“Are you guys always here or is this just for his birthday?” I ask the woman as she straightens a line of pins.

“Oh, for the birthday. We’re usually here on Fridays but for today all the prices have been reduced. The pins are all 50% off, I made them myself.” She points to a collection of red and blue plastic lightning bolts zigging in the opposite direction of the iconic Aladdin Sane cover.

“So you’re fans then?” I ask as she continues to arrange her goods.

“Oh yeah. Maurie makes the shirts himself. They are only 20% off, so 20, just for today.” Her tone is somewhere between gleeful and annoyed I haven’t made a purchase yet. I’m not sure what I was looking for today, but this wasn’t it.